Saab Sonett I 1956 posters

Saab Sonett I

Saab Sonett is the name of a series of automobiles manufactured by Saab. The Sonett I, initially known as the Saab 94, was first revealed on March 16, 1956 at Stockholm's Bilsalong. It featured a hand crafted body and a three-cylinder 748 cc two-stroke engine, producing 57.5 hp (43 kW). Its design was based on aluminium boxes and was considered quite cutting-edge for the era. The Sonett II and III were both known as the "'Saab 97". Rolf Mellde, one of Saab's engineers, initially suggested that a small number of open-top two seater sport cars be produced, so as to bypass racing rules that barred the company from tuning their cars as much as necessary to remain competitive. The name 'Sonett', which was derived from the Swedish exclamation "Så nätt den är" (meaning "how nice it is"), was suggested for both the Saab 92 and the Saab 93. The total cost of this project amounted to 75000 Kronor, and the cars were made in secrecy in a barn in Åsaka, outside Trollhättan. The Sonett I was limited to only six production models, five of them made with Glassfiber Reinforced Polyester. In September 1996, Sonett I car number one broke the Swedish speed record for cars up to 750 cc with a speed of 159.4 km/h.

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