Saab Sonett II 1966 posters

Saab Sonett II

The Saab Sonett II, also known as the Saab 97, was an iteration of Saab's series of automobiles. As with its predecessors, the mechanics of the Sonett II model were based on the same family cars of the time. In 1956, Rolf Mellde proposed that Saab construct a small number of open-top two seater sports cars, as regulations then prohibited Saab from tuning the standard cars to be competitive. He designed the car himself and secretly built it in a barn in Åsaka outside Trollhättan. Aside from those working on the project, the cost amounting to 75000 Kronor, few people knew of its existence. The Sonett name was inspired by Mellde's exclamation of "Så nätt den är" (So neat it is) rather than the sonnet form of poetry. The name was first suggested for both the Saab 92 and the Saab 93.

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