Saab UrSaab 1947 posters

Saab UrSaab

Before the end of World War II, the SAAB company realised that it would need to enter a different market. This led to the development of the very first Saab vehicle - the Saab 92001, or 'Ursaab'. The project was started by a 20-person team led by Gunnar Ljungström in Linköping in the fall of 1945. The car was designed to have a low drag coefficient, as well as front-wheel drive, secondary safety and winter capabilities. The body was unique with the ability to resist damage in the event of an accident and wide wheel arches for snow accumulation without obstructing the wheels. The first prototype body was created in the summer of 1946 and featured a borrowed 18 hp (13 kW) two-cylinder two-stroke engine placed transversely in the front of the vehicle. Testing of this prototype spanned thousands of miles, and it is now part of the Saab Museum in Trollhättan, and is commonly referred to as the Ursaab. Sixten Sason improved the 92001 design in 1947, leading to the 92002 prototype and later the production-ready Saab 92. This aerofoil shape is a defining characteristic that can be seen in many later Saab models, including the Saab 96.

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