Saturn L-Series 2000 posters

Saturn L-Series

Introduced in 2000, the Saturn L-Series were a line of mid-size sedans and wagons based on the Opel Vectra B model from General Motors' Saturn marque. Produced in a GM factory in Wilmington, Delaware, the L-Series was sold with four- and six-cylinder engine options. Unfortunately, declining sales for this model lead to the cancellation of the L-Series after the 2005 model year, and production on the vehicles ceased on June 17, 2004. In this period, a total of 406,300 L-Series cars were created. The Wilmington plant was then converted to manufacture the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky roadsters. As a successor to the L-Series, the Saturn Aura arrived in August 2006 for the new 2007 model year. Sharing the same Epsilon platform as the Pontiac G6 and the Opel Vectra C, the Aura launched an improved series of Saturn vehicles. The Name Game At the start of its production, the L-Series was originally labeled the LS (for the sedan) and LW (for the wagon). However, this caused a substantial amount of confusion and animosity from both Toyota and Ford, companies who already had their own LS-Series models (the Lexus LS and the Lincoln LS, respectively). As a result, the vehicles were renamed to the L-Series.

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