Seat Ibiza 2006 posters

Seat Ibiza Vaillante Concept

The SEAT Ibiza Vaillante is the perfect combo of comic-book hero dreams and reality. The Design Centre in Martorell created this masterpiece with the mission to transport the driver to an exciting and imaginary world of adventures. SEAT plans to keep the Vaillante purely as a concept exhibit and not for sale, in order to highlight the sporty and youthful image of the new Ibiza 2006. When it appeared at the Geneva Motor Show, visitors were wowed by the Ibiza transformed into a dream-like vehicle, inspired by the Michel Vaillant cartoon. It embodies SEAT's fiery spirit, sportiness, and youth with an unmistakable Spanish flair. The Vaillante concept is a blend of the brand's identity and the character of the popular comic-book hero, who has been an inspiration to motorsport aficionados for over half a century.

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