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Singer Motors Limited was a British manufacturer of bicycles, motorcycles and automobiles, headquartered in Coventry. more

The company was founded as Singer & Co in 1874 by George Singer. In 1901, the company started to produce motorized three-wheelers. In 1905, the first car of the brand appeared. It was designed by Scottish engineer Alexander Craig. The first successful car of the brand, the Ten, was introduced in 1912. It became so popular because of setting several speed records in its class and because it was more reliable than its competitors. In 1921, Singer acquired Coventry Premier automaker and sold cars under its name till 1924. In 1926, Calcott was purchased. By 1928, Singer became the third largest automaker in the country. In 1930s, the company’s sales dropped and in 1936, the company was dissolved. Instead, a new company, Singer Motors Limited, appeared.

In 1940, Singer had to stop its production and returned to the serial production only in the end of 1945. In 1954, another successful car of the brand, Hunter, started to be produced. In 1956, the company was sold to Rootes Group. In 1961, Singer Vogue, one more popular car of the brand, was presented. In1967, Chrysler acquired Rootes Group. In this period, the last models of the brand, Chamois Coupe and a new generation of Gazelle, appeared. In 1970, Chrysler management decided to cease the production of Singer cars, though Vogue model continued to be released under Sunbeam brand.

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