Skoda Octavia Combi RS 2003 posters

Skoda Octavia Combi RS

The Škoda Octavia RS and the Octavia Combi RS are distinguished from other models in the Škoda Octavia range by a differentiated front bumper which merges into the spoiler, as well as the "RS" logo on the radiator grille and rear door, a polished metal tailpipe, dark covers on the side indicators, and an integrated spoiler on the raised edge of the rear hatch. Both models offer a remarkable driving experience and have all the features necessary for everyday driving. Since 2000, the Škoda Octavia RS has been highly praised by both professionals and the public for its excellent driving specifications and cost-effectiveness. It outperforms similar competitor models with its outstanding ratio of performance to value. This top-level performance and great value make the Škoda Octavia RS a key player in the sports car category, and harkens back to the renowned Škoda brand’s sporting heritage and experiences from the Octavia WRC cars. The Octavia RS and the Octavia Combi RS also have a lowered air-drag coefficient thanks to the lower chassis and specially-designed aerodynamic components. The almighty styling of the integrated spoiler provides both models with a dynamic profile and appeals to those looking for practicality with a unique flair.

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