Smart fortwo cdi 2005 posters

Smart fortwo cdi

The Smart "Micro compact car" has been designed mainly for urban use in European cities, due to its length of only 250 cm which allows parking for as many as three of the vehicles in a space normally intended for one standard-length car. In order to make maximum use of the minimal crumple zone at the front, the Smart Fortwo has its engine positioned at the rear of the vehicle. Providing adequate passenger safety was a challenge to the designers, so they employed a solid steel "Tridion" frame to completely surround and protect the passenger compartment, along with interchangeable plastic body panels. With a weight of 730 kg, it is one of the lightest cars in the European market.

The engine range consists solely of turbocharged three cylinder motors. It is offered in a 37 kW (50 PS) or 45 kW (61 PS) petrol variant and a 30 kW (41 PS) turbodiesel. Both engines are mounted in the boot and are powered by a manual transmission, without a need for a clutch pedal. In terms of fuel economy, the Smart Fortwo averages 4.7 L/100 km (50 mpg or 21.3 km/L) for the gasoline model and 3.4 L/100 km (69 mpg or 29.4 km/L) for the diesel.

The Fortwo is the original Smart model, launched in 1998 as City Coupe. Since then Smart has been producing additional models, the most notable being the Fortwo Cabrio with targa-style removable roof panels, introduced in 2000 and restyled in 2002. The car is available with the model variants of "pure", "pulse", "passion" and "BRABUS", all of which are available in both coupé and cabrio form.

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