Spyker C8 Double 12 2005 posters

Spyker C8 Double 12 S Spyder

The Spyker C8 is a Dutch sports car series produced by Spyker Cars. There are several variants of the C8: the C8 Spyder, C8 Spyder T, C8 Laviolette, C8 Double 12R, C8 Double 12S, GT2R, and C12 LaTurbie. The C8 Spyder has an Audi 4.2 liter V8 engine that delivers 400hp and a top speed of 300km/h. The C8 Spyder T has a more powerful Audi 4.2 liter V8 twin turbo that gives it a whopping 525hp, hence a faster top speed of 320km/h. The C8 Laviolette features the same 400hp engine but instead of the soft or hard top of the Spyder models, this has a glass canopy. The C8 Double 12R is specifically made for the 24 hours of Le Mans, equipped with an Audi V8 engine with 480hp. The C8 Double 12S is the road version of the same car, and has a glass canopy like the Laviolette. Additionally, it offers a 600hp engine instead of the 400hp one from the C8 Spyder, giving it a top speed of 300 to 345km/h depending on the engine. Both the Double 12 models have a modified frame with a longer wheelbase and 100-liter fuel tank instead of the 75-liter one found in the Spyder. The GT2R is the latest racing model of the car, with a 450hp open top and metal rollcage. The C12 LaTurbie is the newest model from the Spyker series and is similar in appearance to the C8 models. It has a longer wheelbase and is powered by an Audi W12 engine that produces 500hp. The price range for the Spyker C8 series is approximately €215000 for the Spyder and going up to €290000 for the C12 LaTurbie. The GT2R racing model has an estimated price of €325000. The C8 Laviolette was featured in the opening sequence of Basic Instinct 2. The Spyker C8 Double 12R debuted on its first race at the 12 hours of Sebring in 2002 but was stopped due to an accident. Additionally, the car has competed in 24 hours of Le Mans and other endurance races since 2005, while a Spyker C8 Spyder GT2R participates in FIA GT races. Furthermore, the Spyker C8 can be driven in various racing games, such as Gran Turismo 4 and Project Gotham Racing 3. The Spyker C8 Double 12S will also be featured in the upcoming Test Drive Unlimited.

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