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Spyker D12 Peking to Paris 2006 posters

Spyker D12 Peking to Paris

The Spyker D12 Peking-to-Paris is a 4-door, luxury high performance SUV from the Dutch automaker Spyker Cars. Its introduction at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show sparked overheated interest and more than 100 orders were placed immediately. The model then debuted to its main market, North America, at the April 2006 New York Motor Show. The vehicle's title is inspired by the landmark 1907 Peking to Paris endurance rally, in which a virtually regular-specification Spyker achieved a second-place finish, the car driven by French racer Ch. Goddard. At 1,850 kg, the model accelerates from 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) in an impressive 5.0 seconds and can reach a maximum speed of 295 km/h, thanks to its Audi W12 engine generating 500 bhp. Spyker's sportscar, the C8, has contributed several design features to the SUV, such as the "aeroblade" wheels and sleek rear view mirrors. In addition, the rear seat doors open in a "suicide" configuration at the rear.

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