Subaru R1 2005 posters

Subaru R1

The Subaru R1 was introduced by Japanese carmaker Subaru on January 4, 2005 as an entry-level keicar model. This two-door version of the Subaru R2 features a shorter body and wheelbase than its predecessor. Notably, Subaru cleverly designed the R1 to avoid the maximum length requirements stipulated by the keicar regulations, something which no car has managed since Autozam Carol, Suzuki Twin, and the European smart in 1989. The R1 is available only in one specification and is equipped with a 658cc DOHC 16-valve AVCS engine. This mid-range engine spans three variants - the I with a SOHC 34 kW (roughly 46 horsepower) engine, and the R and S with the DOHC and supercharged and intercooled engines respectively, rated at 40 kW (54 horsepower) and 47 kW (63 horsepower). Further, the R1 is designed to be either a reliable personal car or a couple's second car, with a combination of leather and alcantara seating options. All R1 models are fitted with a CVT and are available with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive capability. In its promotional materials, the R1 is proudly compared to the Subaru 360, the first-ever Subaru automobile.

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