Tesla Roadster UK-Version 2010 posters

Tesla Roadster [UK]

Tesla Motors has finally made available the right-hand-drive version of its iconic Tesla Roadster sports car, the only highway-capable electric vehicle for sale across the world. Test-drives in Tesla's showroom in London's Knightsbridge district (SW7 1EW) are on offer for future customers and media to experience. The newly released Tesla Roadster UK-Version includes several noise-reduction materials, a premium audio system and additional features suitable for daily commuting and exciting weekends. The Tesla Roadster accelerates faster than most cars on the road, making it the only production car faster than a Porsche and twice as fuel efficient as a Prius. It has already become a popular choice for drivers who desire both performance and eco-friendliness. The Tesla Roadster can cover over 200 miles per charge in different road conditions, consuming zero petrol, while charging from conventional 220V outlets in Europe. Even better, the Roadster can be powered by solar or wind power. In fact, one Tesla customer recently clocked in 313 miles on a single charge, setting a new world record for EVs. Cristiano Carlutti, Tesla's Vice President for European Sales and Operations, expressed, "The right-hand-drive model is our response to the heightened demand from high-performance car buyers in the UK who value sustainability. We are actively expanding our retail presence in Europe and eagerly welcome more devoted Tesla owners and fans." Businesses in the UK are provided the advantage of deducting the entire purchase cost of the Tesla Roadster from their taxable profits, making it the only sports car to have ever received a tax allowance in the country. Prices for the Tesla Roadster begin at £86,950 and cost about 1.5p per mile compared to the higher rate of 32p per mile paid for petrol-run sports cars. Furthermore, Tesla drivers are exempt from the London congestion charge saving up to £1,700 annually, while still being eligible to park for free and without restrictions in multiple London districts and taking advantage of four hours of free charging at certain parking sites. The Tesla Roadster also does not include the upcoming Showroom Tax of £950.

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