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Think Global is a Norwegian automobile manufacturer, which specializes in electric vehicles TH!NK. Its headquarters is located in Oslo. more

The company was created in 1991 as Pivco (short for Personal Independent Vehicle Company). The first prototype was the PIV2, which in 1995 was followed by PIV3, the City Bee. PIV4, released in 1999, was the first production model of the brand. The same year, the company was acquired by Ford.

In 2003, Think was acquired by KamKorp, owned by Indian businessman Kamal Siddiqi. The most famous model of the brand, TH!NK city, appeared in 2008. Its maximum speed was 110 kilometres per hour and it could be driven for 160 kilometers without recharging. It became one of first three electric cars, which were crash-tested and highway-certified.

In 2011, the company filed for bankruptcy and was bought by Electric Mobility Solutions AS. The production of cars stopped in 2012.

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