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Toyota Aygo for Sport Concept 2006 posters

Toyota Aygo for Sport Concept

The Toyota AYGO for Sports is made especially for the Geneva Motor Show. It is the perfect fun car to bring along on those thrilling trips with friends, with its open-top build, "go-anywhere" styling, teak trim interior, and signature big, bold wheels. This unique version of the AYGO has been transformed into a vehicle perfect to make heads turn. The special LED light clusters both in front and in the back give it that true sports car look, while the 205/45 R17 sports tyres and 17-inch rims add that extra edge. The two seats are fit in light blue neoprene and leather, assuring maximum comfort. To make a statement, the car is adorned in a bright Ocean Blue shade, shining even brighter in the sun. For a finishing touch, the steering wheel is lined in blue neoprene, and the teak wood floor provides a premium vibe. Customise this car with all the sports equipment of your choice, ready to hit the road and enjoy.

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