Toyota RAV4 2009 posters

Toyota RAV4 [EU]

The Toyota RAV4 has had great success in Europe for over 25 years, setting benchmarks for advanced driving, performance, quality, and passenger comfort. Its Integrated Active Drive System brings greater control and stability on the roads. With the newly-introduced Toyota Optimal Drive, the RAV4 has a high-powered engine with low emissions. The newest generation of the RAV4 is the third one and has become a top selling vehicle in Europe, with nearly one million units sold.

With the 2009 model, Toyota has pushed the limits even further. Innovative design features include new bumpers, a chrome-plated grille, exclusive alloy wheels, and interior finishes. It's sleek body combined with advanced technology and comfort make it truly an unique driving experience.

Toyota Optimal Drive: Maximise power, Minimise CO2 emissions & fuel consumption

The 2009 Toyota RAV4 has seen even more improvements on its environmental performance with the introduction of Toyota Optimal Drive. These technologies enhance its leading position in sustainable mobility and were showcased at the 2008 Paris Motor Show.

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