Toyota RiN Concept 2007 posters

Toyota RiN Concept

The Toyota RiN Concept strives to bring comfort and serene, healthy living to drivers. It encourages drivers to become mindful of themselves, society, and the natural environment, helping to create a balanced rhythm for both their mind and body. Through the RiN Concept, features such as posture-enhancing seats and a "mood-training" meter cluster help to promote a healthier quality of life. In addition, the concept is equipped with heated seats, an oxygen-level conditioner, and a pinpoint humidifier to increase cabin comfort, along with green glass, which reduces the infiltration of UV and IR lights, making the environment appear brighter and clearer. The RiN Concept also creates a harmonious atmosphere with its low-profile sliding doors, allowing viewers to view the ground level, as well as specially designed headlights that take into account the safety of pedestrians and opposite vehicles. To emphasize the natural and balanced aspect of the RiN concept, the exterior and interior design are heavily inspired by the tall and deep-rooted Yakusugi trees of Japan, complete with a combination of deep greens and beiges to create a sense of peace and healthy living.

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