Vauxhall Signum 2006 posters

Vauxhall Signum

The Vauxhall Signum is an large family vehicle produced by General Motors in Germany since 2003, and is primarily sold in Europe, as well as the United Kingdom. It shares many characteristics with the Opel Vectra, as it uses the long-wheelbase version of the GM Epsilon platform and holds a body shape inspired by a combination between a traditional large family car and an executive vehicle. The Signum's dimensions are larger than those of a standard 5-door Vectra, featuring a wheelbase that has been stretched by 13 cm, with an overall body length which is 23 cm longer, while keeping the same width and being marginally taller by 6 mm. These features provide for plenty of rear legroom; while two individual separate seats are installed in the rear of the vehicle, the center section features a folding armrest and can also be employed as a third seat, with the Signum offering three rear headrests and safety belts. Additionally, each rear seat can be adjusted in several ways, including sliding it back and forth (like the front seats) and an adjustable backrest. As well as this, by folding down each seat, a significantly larger cargo space is created - a system that General Motors labels as Flexspace. Although the Signum and Vectra share many body panels and interior components (such as the dashboard and front seats), the tailgate and rear fender designs are exclusive to the Signum. In the year 2005, the Signum saw an update to its design, with a new front fascia and several other modifications being applied. In North America, General Motors offers a vehicle based on a similar concept and platform, known as the Chevrolet Malibu Maxx.

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