Volkswagen 1-Litre Car Concept 2003 posters

Volkswagen 1-Litre Car Concept

The famous VW 1-litre car stands out for its exceptional fuel economy, making it capable of travelling 100 km with only 1 litre of fuel, or equivalently to 235 miles per US gallon (282 mpg Imperial). To ensure maximum efficiency, its body is optimised for aerodynamics with sleek lines and a two-person tandem seating configuration, and its lightweight components consisting of carbon fibre skin, magnesium substrate, titanium hubs, ceramic bearings, aluminium brakes, and an 8.5 hp engines have an overall weight of merely 290 kg (639 lb). This results in a drag coefficient (Cd) of 0.16, much better than that of typical cars (0.30). Its fuel efficiency is stated to be 0.99 L per 100 km (238 mpg US, 285 mpg Imperial), with a 6.5 L tank giving a driving range of 650 km (400 miles). In terms of safety, the vehicle is designed with crush zones, roll-over protection, and surprisingly GT-racing like protection but its light weight might not perform very well in collision with heavier vehicles. There is also 80 L of storage space. Although there has been no confirmation of production plans from Volkswagen, the remarkable engineering effort has aroused much expectation among automotive enthusiasts that the 1-litre car will eventually come to fruition.

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