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Volkswagen 1500 1961 posters

Volkswagen 1500

The Volkswagen Type 3 was launched in 1961 to diversify the company's product range beyond the Type 1 (Beetle) and Type 2 (Bus). It is officially referred to as the Volkswagen 1500 and was designed to be an more advanced car while keeping the same engineering found in the Type 1. It was equipped with a 1.5 L (1493 cc) air-cooled flat-4 engine, which was known as the 'Pancake' or 'Suitcase' due to its low profile, making more room for cargo stowage. This engine's displacement was later increased to 1.6 L (1,600 cc).

The Type 3 was offered with single or dual carburetors, with the 1.5 L engine as the 1500 N (45 hp) or the 1500S model (54 hp). In 1968, a fuel injection option was made available, making it one of the first mass produced cars with such an option.

The type 3 had four models:

+ Sedan or "Notchback" - The VW 1500 and later VW 1600 (nicknamed "Zé do Caixão" in Brazil, translating to "Coffin Joe").
+ Fastback - The VW 1600 TL (in Brazil the Volkswagen TL), often mistaken for a hatchback due to its profile.
+ Wagon or "Squareback" - The Volkswagen Variant.
+ Type 34 Karmann Ghia - AKA Grosse Ghia or Razor Edge Ghia. A larger more squared version of the Karmann Ghia based on the Type 3 platform.

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