Volkswagen Golf GTI Pirelli 2007 posters

Volkswagen Golf GTI Pirelli

The iconic Golf GTI Pirelli is back! Volkswagen has revived one of Europe's most renowned limited edition models. In 1983, the 'Original Pirelli' arrived, based on the second series Golf GTI and equipped with a unique set of alloy wheels featuring the 'Pirelli P' emblem at their edges. A staggering 10,500 cars were built and sold around half a year later, after which it vanished as a limited edition. It surely would have earned a place to the Young-Timer's Hall of Fame. The new GTI Pirelli comes with plenty of improved features, including upgraded interior with leather sports seats imprinted with a tire tread pattern, and powerful 18-inch Pirelli titanium look wheels covered with high-performance tires. With its 230 PS, the new model can reach a top speed of up to 245 km/h and accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 6.8 seconds. Created in collaboration between Volkswagen and Volkswagen Individual, the GTI Pirelli will make its public debut on May 16-20 at the international GTI meeting in Wörthersee, Austria. Production of the model is expected to start in September.

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