Volkswagen Golf eGeneration 2001 posters

Volkswagen Golf eGeneration

The legendary Golf IV model of Volkswagen was released in 1997, and it soon became the top-selling car in Europe. The car was designed to be more elegant, with an enhanced-quality interior and more finely-equipped components. This sophistication was manifested in the absence of the playful features of previous generations – like the "Golf Ryder", "Golf Driver" editions - and its replacement by a more discreet golf ball gearlever knob.

Design and engineering

The Golf Mk IV was a major advance in its class. Not only because it was the first step of VW to strengthen its premium portfolio by between the mainstream and the luxury cars - as SEAT and Skoda took over the "mainstream" range - but also because of its enhanced interior construction and quality; it was comparable to its sister, then newest, the Audi A3. Despite the higher cost, the luxury and upmarket look of the model was worth it. The other cars of the same segment were quickly outdated, and Ford could only modify its soon-to-come the Mk I Focus, whose interior was initially meant to be of higher quality.

The latest Golf model maintained the same concept, but included some novel 'arched' elements taken from the Mk IV Passat. This made the overall design more aesthetically pleasing than before.

However, the improvements in the interior and the exterior had a slight repercussion on the vehicle's chassis, which was considered below average. This was more noticeable when compared to the Mk IV Vauxhall Astra/Mk II Opel Astra in terms of ride and handling; although these shortfalls were hardly known in everyday driving. The moment the Ford Focus was released, the shortcomings in the chassis of the Golf IV were made evident.

Unfortunately, there was no convertible version of the Mk IV Golf. Instead, the Golf III Cabrio was modified to provide it with the front design of the Golf IV hatchbacks.

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