Volkswagen IROC Concept 2006 posters

Volkswagen IROC Concept

The Volkswagen IROC Concept brings back the successful idea that was presented 33 years ago at the International Motor Show in Geneva. The compact and distinctive Scirocco back then struck the nerve of the times, ultimately leading to over half a million units sold worldwide. In August 2006, Volkswagen showcased its reinterpretation of the Scirocco with the Iroc concept. New VW sports car design: Drawing similarities with the first Scirocco, the Iroc features an advanced radiator grill, and a smooth and distinctive form. The two cars, separated by over three decades, share the same concept: to create an attainable dream car with four full-fledged seats, a trunk, large hatchback, and a lot of self-esteem. Purebred sports car instead of a classic coupé: Unlike the original Scirocco, the Iroc is not a classic coupé, but a progressivel designed sports car with an elongated roofline and steep rear end. This gives the Iroc a sleek and sporty silhouette and a lot of interior space for two adults and ample storage. Topped off with an affordable price point, the Iroc is able to provide excellent daily usability, remarkable driving pleasure and expressive design in one remarkable package.

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