Volkswagen Lupo GTI 2000 posters

Volkswagen Lupo GTI

The Volkswagen Lupo is a city car that was first introduced in 1998 to fill in the gap in VW's model range, due to the fact that later versions of the VW Polo were larger and heavier than their predecessors. Rivals of the Lupo included the Ford Ka, Opel Agila and Fiat Panda, which was a badge-engineered SEA Arosa. The Lupo offered a range of engines with various trim levels and one of the most noteworthy was the 6-speed Lupo GTI. Many were quick to label this model as the true heir of the original VW Golf Mk.1, the legendary hot hatch. Special-edition and test models of the Lupo made impressive gains in fuel efficiency. The lightweight car and advanced 3-cylinder diesel engine were able to deliver a staggering 3 litres per 100 km (78 miles per US gallon or 94 miles per Imperial gallon), which is said to have contributed to Renault's decision to produce the Clio V6, as they mistook 3L as indicating a 3-litre engine. After seven years of production, the Lupo was taken out of circulation and was replaced by the VW Fox.

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