Volkswagen Passat 1980 posters

Volkswagen Passat Variant

The second generation Volkswagen Passat, launched in 1981, featured a slightly longer platform known as B2. Its updated styling, most notably a rectangular headlight design, ensured that it was instantly recognisable as a Passat. The car was also known as the Quantum in North America and the Corsar in Mexico. As well as the hatchback and estate, there was also a sedan model, called the Santana, which was sold in Europe until the beginning of 1985. A minor facelift was given to the Passat in 1985, and the sedan version shared the same front end styling as the hatchback and estate. The Passat sedan and estate were produced and sold in South Africa until 1987. The B2 model also saw an expanded line of engines, with a 5 cylinder Audi 2.0L petrol, a 1.9L diesel, as well as models from the B1 range. Additionally, the 2.0 GT5S version featured a power output of 115 PS (85 kW) and was available with VW's 4WD system, Syncro. Starting in 1991, VW do Brasil became involved in the Autolatina partnership with Ford do Brazil. As a result, the B2 model was retained and structural changes were made to the grille, front and rear ends, making it look like a modern B3 Passat and confusing some car enthusiasts. As part of the deal, the car was sold as the Ford Versailles in Brazil and the Ford Galaxy in Argentina. In Brazil, Ford also released a unique station wagon version called the Ford Royale, which only had two doors unlike the four door Volkswagen version. In China, the European B2 model known as the Santana was designed and manufactured by the Shanghai-Volkswagen joint-venture since 1986. 1995 saw the development and mass production of the Santana 2000, which was replaced by the Santana 3000 in 2004; both continue to be sold in China. Both the Brazilian Santana and Chinese version were co-developed between the two companies, although the Chinese versions have a longer wheelbase.

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