Volkswagen Passat 2003 posters

Volkswagen Passat

The fourth generation Passat (B5 platform), commonly known as the fifth generation, was released in Europe in 1996 and in North America in 1998. This iteration of the Passat boasted an all-new design - unlike any that had come before. It returned to its roots of featuring an Audi-like "overhung" longitudinally-mounted engine with front wheel drive. The Passat Mk 4 was groundbreaking in its class, becoming the first step in VW's process of moving up the market, with SEAT and Škoda taking up the mantle for mainstream models. Its interior quality and sophistication tipped the scales in favor of VW and distinguished it from other mainstream brands in the class. While the £16,000 starting price in the UK was higher than the Ford Mondeo equivalent, this was quickly justified with the luxury offered by the car. With its grand entrance, the Passat caused its competition to follow suit and up their game when it came to interior quality, to the point where the line between mainstream and premium models in the class was blurred. The 2000 Ford Mondeo was the first to demonstrate this effect. The only models left in the class not handing out the luxury treatment are those of the budget market, this being reflected in their prices. Volkswagen again made waves when they released the MkIV Golf in 1997.

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