Volkswagen Passat Variant 1993 posters

Volkswagen Passat Variant

The third generation Passat (introduced in 1988 in Europe, 1990 in North America, and 1995 in South America) was an all-new vehicle with curved styling that was a significant departure from the boxy appearance of the former version. This look was inspired by the "Jelly Mould" style Ford pioneered with the Sierra and it featured a lack of a grille, which made the frontal design reminiscent of earlier rear-engine Volkswagens like the 411. In contrast to prior models, this version marked the first time Passat was created on an independent platform that wasn't shared with an Audi saloon. It was designated B3 in VW's nomenclature and was built on the A Platform, which was also utilized for the Golf. It only came in sedan and station wagon models, with no fastback option. This generation featured fuel-injected engines that offered better performance and refinement than previous carburetted units, and they were set up in the transverse configuration. Moreover, the floorpan allowed for Volkswagen's Syncro four-wheel drive system. The 2.8 V6 VR6 engine, which was used in the Golf and Corrado, gave the Passat maximum speed of 224 km/h (139 mph) when it became available in 1991. 1993 Facelift In some circles, the Mk iii Passat has been referred to as the Mk IV Passat due to the major facelift that was introduced in 1993. Volkswagen even changed its platform nomenclature to B4 at this time. This update became available from 1995 to 1997 in North America. The car was basically the same mechanically, but with all external body panels being new. Perhaps most notably, the grille was reintroduced, linking the styling of the model to those of other same-generation Volkswagen vehicles like the Mk 3 Golf. The interior was also modernized and improved safety equipment, like dual front airbags, was added. The car also enjoyed a TDI diesel engine, a 4-cylinder 1.9 L turbocharged diesel that generated 210 N·m (155 ft·lbf) of torque at 1900 rpm and 90 PS (66 kW) at 3750 rpm. This launch in the North American market came in 1996 with a fuel efficiency rating of 45 mpg highway (5.2 L/100 km). With a 70 L (18.5 U.S. gallon) tank, it was able to travel 1300+ km (800+ miles) on a single tank, making it a rare, attractive option at the time. Even rarer is the B4 TDI wagon, commonly known by its European moniker "Variant," of which fewer than 1000 were imported to the U.S. between 1996 and 1997.

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