Volkswagen Passat Variant BlueMotion 2008 posters

Volkswagen Passat Variant BlueMotion

The Passat BlueMotion will be introduced on 6th March at the Geneva Motor Show and sets a benchmark for fuel efficiency in its size-class. With an incredibly economical 5.1 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres (136 g/km CO2) for the saloon, and 5.2 litres (137 g/km CO2) for the estate, the vehiles maintain agility despite their fuel efficiency. This level of lean fuel consumption can be attributed to Volkswagen fine-tuning the already efficient 77 kW / 105 bhp TDI engine, and the diesel particulate filter fitted as standard. The Passat BlueMotion's driving range is up to 1,350 kilometres with a full tank and, with an average annual distance driven of 15,000 kilometres, drivers need to refuel just 11 times a year with an average of 68 Euro* in fuel costs per month. This perfectly illustrates that Volkswagen's BlueMotion models provide great fuel efficiency without sacrificing agility, making them an ideal combination of fuel efficiency and driving enjoyment. * = Basis: 3rd week of 2007, price in Germany, details from the Association of the German Petroleum Industry

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