Volkswagen Polo Saloon 2011 posters

Volkswagen Polo Saloon

The Volkswagen Polo Saloon has been specially designed for the Russian market, taking into account its specific climate and street conditions. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Brand with responsibility for Development, states that the new Volkswagen Polo Saloon does not only conform to the highest standards of modern automotive engineering, but is groundbreaking for its segment with its efficient technologies, outstanding active and passive safety and the traditional high quality of workmanship and materials. Frank Wittemann, Head of the Volkswagen Brand in Russia, adds that the new Saloon extends Volkswagen's range of vehicles and allows a greater number of people access to a vehicle suited to their taste and needs. Sold at a price from just over 10,000 euros, the Polo Saloon is being built on a completely new assembly line at Volkswagen AG's plant in Kaluga and is equipped with a new 1.6-litre Otto engine (77 kW / 105 PS) and combinations of either a 5-gear manual gearbox or a 6-gear automatic gearbox with sequential shift function (Tiptronic). Volkswagen is also the first manufacturers to offer their Russian customers such an up-to-date automatic gearbox in this class. Maximum safety systems, such as airbags, head rests, three-point seat belts for all five passengers, ABS and side airbags all come as standard from Comfortline and up, while ESP is additionally featured in the Highline top version. Furthermore, the car has been equipped with an engine that is especially suited to the Russian climate and road conditions, along with a galvanised, non-corrosive body and a wheel suspension geared to bad roads. The paints used also have maximum resistance to corrosion, as do the chrome parts.

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