Volkswagen Polo Variant 1999 posters

Volkswagen Polo Variant

The Polo Mk III 6N appeared in 1994. It was built on a completely new model, sharing its platform with the Volkswagen Golf III. All mechanical parts and suspension components of these three models were interchangeable. The Polo was released in a 3-door and 5-door variant, made to overcome the drawbacks of the preceding model, namely the lack of a 5-door and weak performance. Although the dashboard and many mechanics were adopted from the Ibiza, the models had no shared body panels. A year later, the Polo Classic sedan and Polo Variant station wagon were introduced. These revisions were similar to the SEAT Cordoba and carried the 6K nameplate. These variants shared body panels with the SEAT, rather than the hatchback models. The Volkswagen Caddy, a van, also had the same platform and front end styling as the 6K models. However, no convertible version was produced, apart from the optional full-length sunroof named Polo Open Air. The Polo was initially fitted with 1043 cc (45 PS/33 kW) and 1272 cc (55 PS/40 kW) engines from the previous generation Polo, in addition to a new 1598 cc unit. A more advanced 1.4 L engine replaced the 1.3 L in 1996. The 1043 cc was further switched to a 999 cc aluminium block multi-point injection engine that delivered 50 PS (37 kW) in 1997. The Classic and Variant models featured a 75 PS (55 kW) 1.6 L or a 64 PS (47 kW) 1.9 L diesel. For the first time, a turbodiesel engine (1.9 L) was available but only for 6K models. The 6N series did not receive the turbodiesel until after the 2000 facelift.

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