Volkswagen Rabbit 1977 posters

Volkswagen Rabbit

The Volkswagen Rabbit GTI is the North American version of the iconic Golf GTI. It made its debut in 1983 and was assembled from various parts made in Mexico, Canada, Germany, and the U.S. in Volkswagen's Westmoreland, Pennsylvania assembly plant. This classic Mk1 chassis, with A1 body type, had a few key distinct features that set it apart from its European counterpart. This included the classic GTI styling, blue or red felt and leatherette trim, and its alloy "snowflake" wheels. The squared styling of the front end was designed for added safety and slight performance improvements. Powered by a JH 1.8 liter 4-cylinder engine that ran on unleaded fuel, Rabbit GTIs reached peak stock performance of 80-85 HP. With proper tuning, the Rabbit GTI boasted gas mileage of up to 30 miles per gallon. In 1979, the Rabbit GTI was initially available in Canada, with a 1.8 liter engine and 5spd transmission, and featured a three color lineup of red, white, and black.

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