Volkswagen Rabbit 2006 posters

Volkswagen Rabbit

The fifth generation Golf was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in October 2003 and went on sale in Europe a month later. It wasn't made available in the United States until the beginning of 2006, but only in GTI form until the spring. To publicize the new Golf, Wolfsburg was rechristened "Golfsburg" for a week. Before it was released in North America in June 2006, Volkswagen of America announced its intention to revive the Rabbit nameplate in the US and Canada. The car, however, has remained known as the Golf in Europe. Volkswagen of America is emphasizing its economy and German engineering. Most ads featuring the Rabbit display its iconic running rabbit badge alongside the phrase "It's back, at $14,990". TV ads, meanwhile, show Rabbits increasing in numbers and taking over the streets of a city – a playful double reference to the phrase "multiplying like rabbits".

Design and engineering

The interior of the previous model was of such quality that it prompted competitor companies to upgrade their models. Meanwhile, the Mk I Ford Focus raised the bar with its amazing chassis and overall performance, causing Volkswagen to take notice. Having taken offense to the criticism of the average dynamics of the prior model, it is said that Volkswagen hired the engineering team responsible for creating the multi-link 'control blade' rear suspension system used in the Ford Focus as the standard benchmark for ride and handling. In fact, the rear suspension of the Golf V (a modified wishbone) is quite similar to that of the Focus.

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