Volkswagen Touareg BlueTDI 2008 posters

Volkswagen Touareg BlueTDI

Volkswagen's new Touareg is home to the world's cleanest diesel engine - the BlueTDI with an SCR catalytic converter capable of reducing NOx emissions by up to 90 percent. The Touareg BlueTDI has a 165 kW / 225 PS output and its exhaust emissions meet even the toughest standards, such as those in the US states of California, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont and Maine for the Tier2 Bin5 standard. As such, it is one of the first vehicles with a diesel engine to be able to pass the test. Especially in the USA, economical turbo-diesels like the V6 BlueTDI can make a major contribution towards reducing oil consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, Volkswagen will start offering the Touareg with SCR catalytic converter in 2008, firstly in the USA, in cooperation with Audi and DaimlerChrysler as part of the BlueTec Alliance. Come 2008, Volkswagen's small vehicle range such as the Jetta will also be introduced with a NOx storage catalytic converter that cuts NOx pollution by up to 90 percent, with its European launch slated for shortly after. Where the Euro-4 standard currently sets a NOx limit of 0.25 g/km, the US standard, to which the Touareg BlueTDI meets, specifies a NOx limit of 0.043 g/km (0.07 g/mile).

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