Volvo S60 2002 posters

Volvo S60 AWD

The all-new Volvo S60 AWD is the culmination of the Swedish automaker's commitment to enhancing driving pleasure. Equipped with an innovative electronically-controlled all-wheel drive system, it marks Volvo's foray into electrically-controlled all-wheel drives. This Active-On-Demand (AOD) system, developed in collaboration with renowned Swedish company Haldex, offers three distinct components that work in tandem - hydraulic, mechanical, and electronic - to take the S60 AWD to the next level. The hydraulic component is a virtual pump that generates oil pressure that, in turn, closes two sets of wet clutch plates when a speed difference between the front and rear wheels is detected. When both axles are rotating equally, the pressure is reduced, thus bringing the drive wheels into balance. As the unit is a mechanical piston pump, the response is almost instantaneous—within 15"" of wheel rotation—without any lag caused by slow pumping. The electronic element is a module mounted on the rear differential, along with a stepper motor and control valve. This component communicates with the Engine Control Module (ECM) and brake control module via the Control Area Network (CAN). In harmony with the hydraulic and mechanical systems, it uses sensor signals to adjust oil pressure on the wet clutch plates by controlling the valve.

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