Volvo S60 AWD 2002 posters

Volvo S60 AWD

At its introduction, the Volvo S60 was heralded as the Swedish manufacturer's sportiest and most dynamic sedan ever. Now, the company has taken another step in its commitment to enhanced driving pleasure with the introduction of the Volvo S60 AWD - the first Volvo to offer an electronically-controlled all-wheel drive feature. Electronically-Controlled All-Wheel Drive The Volvo S60 AWD's all-wheel drive feature, Active-On-Demand (AOD), is a result of a partnership between Volvo and the Swedish company Haldex. The system works by distributing power from the front to the rear wheels via a wet multi-plate clutch. It is made up of three components - hydraulic, mechanical, and electronic systems. This unique design uses a hydraulic pump that creates oil pressure when there is a speed difference between the front and rear wheels. This pressure forces wet clutch plates to close, equalizing the drive wheels when the two axles rotate at the same speed. As it is mechanically controlled, the response is much faster than other systems - only about 15" of wheel rotation - with no delay due to slow pumping. The system is electronically regulated via a module mounted on the rear differential. This module communicates with the ECM and brake control module via the CAN. It uses sensor signals to control oil pressure on the wet clutch plates via a control valve.

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