Volvo V70 Police car 2008 posters

Volvo V70 Police car

At the annual police conference in Stockholm at the end of September, Volvo Special Vehicles revealed the latest generation of the Volvo V70 as a "police uniform" vehicle for the Swedish police. This model was considerably modified compared to the standard car, offering reinforced and specially adapted chassis, brakes, and wheels - as well as an enhanced electrical system and an ergonomic work environment. All of this allows the Volvo V70 to handle the tough conditions of emergency responses it will face. The Swedish police specified Volvo's well-known and energy-efficient D5 diesel engine with its power output of 185 hp. In the future, a more environmentally friendly option for the police force will be available in the form of a 200 hp 2.5 FT Flexi-fuel (E85). Delivery of the first of the new Volvo V70 police cars will start in January 2008. Later in the year, Volvo's XC70 four-wheel-drive model will also be available with a police version.

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