Volvo XC70 AT Concept 2005 posters

Volvo XC70 AT Concept

At the 2005 SEMA trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Volvo Cars of North America, LLC (VCNA) and aftermarket specialists, ipd, presented the Volvo XC70 All Terrain (AT) concept - a cross-over utility vehicle designed to conquer any on or off-road situation. Dubbed by Anne Belec, President and CEO of VCNA, as the "ultimate all-wheel-drive vehicle", the XC70 AT is inspired by the tough Baja 1000 desert race held in Baja, Mexico. Although this vehicle was purely conceptual and is not planned to be produced, Volvo has previously released other concept vehicles at the different SEMA shows since 2003. In 2003, Evolve and Volvo debuted two S60 R concepts, abused with extreme performance goodies such as 400 horsepower and race-tuned suspensions, and wheels and tires. In 2004, Volvo graced the show floor with three distinct concepts: an Evolve-built S40 with 550 horsepower and an Aria-built XC90 V8 and a 300-horsepower V50 SV sports wagon from their Special Vehicles division. This laid a foundation for Volvo to become a major participant in the automotive aftermarket and lead the way to the XC70 AT concept.

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