Wiesmann GT MF5 2008 posters

Wiesmann GT MF5

The Wiesmann GT MF5 is a sports car for the purist that raises the bar for all performance standards. Topping out at 310 km/h and clocking in at 3.9 seconds for the sprint to 100 km/h, this Coupé is a premier member of the sports car league. Its powerful exterior design, low-crouching body, wide tyres and extensive downforce on the rear suspension all promise an abundance of power. Under the hood, the MF5 is powered by a BMW V10 delivering 507 hp, and has an impressive power-to-rate ratio of 2.7 kg/hp. Friedhelm Wiesmann, the spokesperson of Wiesmann management, says of the model: “With the MF5, we are primarily addressing the wishes of many GT enthusiasts who want to express their individuality through even more power and sportiness.” His brother, Martin Wiesmann, Wiesmann’s director for development and production, is likewise enthused: “The GT MF5 is the ideal model to round off our range at the top end, and it is certainly the most exciting sports car that Wiesmann has ever presented to the public.” At the company manufacturing plant in Dülmen, a high-performance suspension system was developed with great diligence as it offers exclusive driving pleasure to the MF5 driver. Energy-absorbing body zones, an aluminium monocoque with integrated side-impact protection and ABS with DSC dynamic stability control all contribute to the car's safety. Moreover, its low overall weight paired up with an aerodynamic finish gives the car a low emissions figure in this performance category.

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