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Covini Engineering is an Italian manufacturer of exclusive sports cars, headquartered in Cortemaggiore. The company is famous for producing six-wheeled cars. more

The company was founded in1978 by mechanical engineer Ferruccio Covini, who wanted to create a unique vehicle. Covini T44 Turbo was the first prototype car of the company, consisting of flat interchangeable panels. Later, Covini developed several other models of sports cars, but the amount of production was very small. Its B24 model was the first diesel vehicle with the maximum speed of 200 km/h. C36 model prototype with a diesel engine reached 300 km/h.

Covini C6W, officially released in 2008, is the best known car of the company. It’s a 6-wheeled sports car with two axles. The production of this model was inspired by Tyrrell P34 car.

In addition, Covini Engineering provides consulting and design services for other companies. For example, it made a contribution to the redesign of the Cadillac STS and Callaway C7.

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