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FPV (full name is Ford Performance Vehicles) is a subdivision of Ford Motor Company of Australia with the headquarters in Melbourne. more

The history of the company can be traced since 1991, when Tickford engineering company from England started to cooperate with Ford Australia, aiming to produce high-performance variants of Ford Falcon. As a result, Ford Falcon S-XR6 and Ford Falcon S-XR8 models were introduced. It led to the creation of Ford Tickford Experience dealer network. However, in 2002, Tickford was sold to Prodrive because of the low sales and a new company, Ford Performance Vehicles, appeared. The new cars were developed on the base of Ford BA Falcon.

Later, FPV started to deal with Ford Territory, creating its high performance versions. Simultaneously, it worked at special editions of the Ford cars.

In 2012, Ford Australia bought FPV in order to develop and sell cars under its brand. However, in 2014, the brand disappeared.

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