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Gumpert is a German automobile manufacturer. Its headquarters is located in Altenburg. more

The company was established as “GMG Sportwagenmanufaktur Altenburg GmbH” in 2004 by Roland Gumpert, a former director of Audi Sport. As Gumpert wanted to create a new generation of sports cars, he and his team started to develop Gumpert Apollo together with the employees of the Technical University of Munich and the Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences. In 2005, the Apollo started to be produced. Just the same year, the car debuted in racing at the Divinol Cup. In 2008, the brand presented the hybrid version of the Apollo with the battery, which can be recharged under braking.

In 2013, the company went bankrupt and was liquidated. However, in 2014, it began to work again and released a new car, Gumpert Explosion.

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