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Pininfarina is an Italian company, dealing with car design and coach building. It’s located in Cambiano. At the moment, Pininfarina cooperates with many popular car brands, including Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Fiat, GM, Lancia and Maserati. more

The company was founded as “Carrozzeria Pinin Farina” in 1930 by Battista “Pinin” Farina. The company’s name derives from the founder’s nickname and surname. In 1930s, Pininfarina designed bodies for Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Isotta-Fraschini, Hispano Suiza, Fiat, Cadillac and Rolls-Royce vehicles. The company became the first coachbuilder, which used the unibody construction technique.

In 1945, Cisitalia 202 Coupe was presented. This car is considered to be the one, which built the reputation of the company. In 1951, Pininfarina started to cooperate with Ferrari. Since then, almost all Ferrari’s are designed by Pininfarina. In 1954, Pininfarina provided design for a new model of Alfa Romeo, Giulietta Spider, which soon became a huge success.

In 1960s, the company started to invest into the science of automotive design and founded the Studies and Research Centre in Grugliasco. Later, it opened the same center in Cambiano.

In 1980s, the company also started to produce high-speed trains, buses, trams, yachts and airplanes. Moreover, Pininfarina creates prototype, show and custom cars for auto manufacturers and private clients. One of the examples of its concept cars is the Pininfarina B0, a solar electric car, which can reach the speed of 142 km/h. It also provides such services as industrial design, interior design, architecture and graphic design. It designed 2006 Winter Olympics torch, cauldron and medals, major appliance collections for Gorenje, Simple Tech products and Coca-Cola Freestyle.

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