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The Saturn Corporation is an American carmaker, a subsidiary of General Motors. For some time, the company operated separately from its parent company and had its own assembly plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee. more

Though the idea of creating a “revolutionary new small car” under Saturn brand name appeared in 1982, the company was officially established by General Motors in 1985. First, General Motors planned to release cars under one of its brands, but then decided to create a separate company. Saturn SC and Saturn SL, released in 1990, became the first models of the brand. In 1996, the brand presented its electric vehicle, Saturn EV1.

The first compact crossover SUV, produced by the company, was Saturn Vue, introduced in 2002. In 2005, the brand released Relay minivan, the first Saturn, based on the design of other GM brands. The Saturn Outlook, first produced in 2007, became the last model, introduced by the company. In 2009, the sales of all Saturn cars ceased. The brand was about to be sold to Penske Automotive Group, but the deal failed. Saturn Vue and Outlook models were reintroduced by GM as Chevrolet Captiva and GMC Acadia.

Throughout its history, Saturn cars received various awards, including Best American Car, Technology of the Year from Automobile Magazine, Best Family Car, Best Overall Value of the Year and many others.

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