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Scion is a brand of the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, sold at the North American market. more

It focuses at appealing Generation Y customers. The “Scion” name means the descendant of a family and refers to both brand’s cars (which are built on Toyota basis) and their owners (young people). The average age of Scion cars owners is 39 years old. It’s the lowest average buyer age in the industry.

The brand was launched in 2002 though the idea first appeared in 1999. Being marketed as a youth brand, the company unveiled its two concept cars, the bbX and the ccX. In 2004, xA and xB models, based on Toyota Yaris, were put into production. In the end of the year, the brand offered its buyers some pre-packaged models with exclusive accessories in limited quantities. The cars were of very bright and unique colors like Solar Yellow, Spectra Blue Mica, Hot Lava Orange etc.

In 2005, Scion tC coupe appeared. In 2011, iQ ultra-compact city car was released. The only sport car of the brand, the FR-S (described as Front-engine, Rear-wheel drive, Sport), was first introduced in 2013. In 2015, two more new models appeared, iM hatchback and iA sedan.

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