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Oldsmobile was a marque of American cars, owned by General Motors. It is one of the oldest car brands in America. It was headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, and later in Detroit. more

The company was established in 1897 by Ransom E.Olds. In 1901, it presented its first automobile, Oldsmobile Curved Dash. Just the same year, the company became the first mass manufacturer of gasoline-powered vehicles after releasing 425 cars. In 1908, General Motors bought the company, which by that time merged with the Olds Gas Engine Works and changed its name to Olds Motor Works.

In 1910, Limited Touring was introduced. It was one of the most prestigious models of the brand. Moreover, it became famous after winning the race against the celebrated 20th Century Limited train.

In 1937, Oldsmobile was the first company, using a four-speed semi-automatic transmission called the “Automatic Safety Transmission”, though it was designed by Buick. In 1940, it became the first carmaker to offer a fully automatic transmission. And in 1949, Oldsmobile was the first brand of General Motors to produce hardtop vehicles.

In 1961, Oldsmobile Cutlass was presented. In 1970s, it became the bestselling car in North America. However, in 1980s the situation changed and the sales dropped. By 1990, the brand lost its position at the market. In 1995, Oldsmobile Aurora was introduced. Gradually, all the old models of the brand were discontinued and all new models were based on Aurora.

In 2000, General Motors announced about the intention to cease the production of Oldsmobiles. The last 500 cars of the company were marked as “Final 500” and all of them had special color, Dark Cherry Metallic. In 2004, the last car of the brand, Alero GLS, was produced.

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